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360 Global Solution Intelligence Private Detectives Team


Services We Provide

Our clients’ privacy and wellbeing is our top priority

We offer different types of investigative services in accordance to the problem 

Corporate Research

  • Due diligence
  • Asset identification and recovery
  • Unfair competition
  • Research prior to mergers or absorptions
  • Control of commercial and distribution network activity
  • Financial reporting and asset location
  • Employment duplicity
  • Dismissal
  • Information leaks
  • Clandestine work
  • Employee reports 
  • Mistery Shopping
  • Industrial counterintelligence
  • Benefit fraud

Private Investigation

  • Private area: Personal and Family
  • Financial, economic and commercial
  • Location of people
  • Criminology
  • Monitoring and surveillance at the request of a legitimate party
  • Amendment of agreement in separation and divorce
  • Infidelities
  • Abandonment of family
  • Addictions to drugs, ludopatia, obsessions
  • Child custody claim
  • Child behavior

Corporate Intelligence and Computer Technology

  • Strategic Competitive Intelligence Study
  • Computer Network Audits
  • Sabotage and Information Leaks
  • Control of High Level Executives
  • Emerging markets

Research and Security applied Technology

  • Applications in electronic Measures of Security
  • Security Countermeasures
  • Electronic and Environmental Sweeps
  • Polygraph and lie detector
  • Computer forensics
  • Social networks

Special Services

  • Tailored services , personalized ad hoc, addressing the specific needs of each client    


Risk Analysis, Consulting and Integral Management

  • Study and Assessment of Comprehensive Security Plans for self-protection measures and countermeasures
  • Security Consulting: Risk Analysis and Evaluation
  • Advice for protection of VIPS on a personal and corporate level
  • Detection of eavesdropping and shielding of the workplace
  • Study and advice for an Integral Surveillance
  • Home and Communications Shielding
  • Covert security
  • Employee and Insured Control

Request customized services

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Work method


01. Contact

To be able to perform any of our services, the client must contact us and request our services. The meeting could be arranged at the place agreed upon at the request of our client to safeguard the discretion and confidentiality.

​02. Personalized advice

Once assembled, the client presents her or his case providing the greatest amount of information that she or he can provide. We will advise you on the problem and present a budget that, depending on the case, could be a closed budget or open to modifications that may be necessary. If the budget is accepted, a service and confidentiality contract is signed, with the provision of funds to begin.

03. Investigative services

We will keep our clients  informed at all times upon request.

04. Conclusions and final report

We deliver a full report to all our clients by the end of the service, detailing all the activities carried out as well as the result obtained, to which all the tests (video, photographs, documents…) are attached. The private investigation report may be presented as evidence in the judicial process.

Finally, the report will be ratified if necessary before the competent courts and tribunals.


About us


360 Global Solution Intelligence began in 1995.

Based in Madrid Spain, we offer service coverage at the national and international  level through our selecter partner network.

The team at 360 Global Solution Intelligence consists of professionals with more than 25 years of experience, who provide consulting and advisory services in the field of Private Investigation and Security


We offer a high quality service


We tackle each project in a unique way and with Ad-Hoc solutions

We work in a professional, direct and effective way

We use innovative methods within the Private Investigation and Security sector

We advise our clients in decision making


If you are in need of a private detective agency, do not hesitate in contacting us.

We will advise you and offer you a no commitment estimate, adapted to your expecific requirements.

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